What Marshall Drive Baptist Church Believes

Does character shape one's beliefs? Or do the beliefs shape the character?

It could be argued that one's character reveals his heart just as the heart reveals the man (As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he). It is another way of saying that if a man has good beliefs, he will have good character. And if a good character, he will naturally have good deeds (a good man, out of the treasure of his heart...). It's a fact that religion is an expression of one's beliefs and character. Even an Atheist is religious in the fact that he expresses a belief. The expresion of our beliefs—our heart—is summerized in these important truths:

God is the Supreme Diety who created everything and everybody that ever existed.

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh who paid our sin debt by being crucified upon the cross.

Holy Spirit is God who deals with our hearts and minds, convicting us of sin and turning us to himself.

Bible is God's inspired word, his revelation to us, written out so as to be unchangable and so we can know the truth.

Salvation is eternal life with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Baptism is the expression of one's belif in Christ: his death, burial, and resurrection.

Church is a gathering of believers of like faith and order, commissioned to carry out the Great Commession.

This is our religion—our character. It is how we express our belief and faith, being led by the Holy Spirit and waiting anxiously for our Lord's return.